Tired all the time? We can help

  • Oct 1 2017

Life is so very busy. Whether your world centers around shuttling your kids from activity to activity, working 9 to 5 and beyond at the office, jet-setting around the globe, or some other combination of these and more activities, you probably feel worn out on a regular basis. If you frequent Instagram or other social media sites and see others in the Pasadena area who are living lifestyles similar to yours and looking flawless while doing it, you might feel overwhelmed or wonder if you are doing doing something wrong. We feel you.

Although life in the fast lane can be exhilarating at times, it can also have a negative effect on the way we live our lives overall. If you are excessively tired, and are simply tired of feeling that way, don’t feel like you have to battle it alone. We frequently work with amazing individuals who are understandably exhausted and looking for a way to rejuvenate, and we would be happy to help you do the same. Here are a few of the great treatments we offer at our facility to help you feel refreshed.

Lifestyle changes

It’s essential that you make time to take care of yourself, no matter how busy you are. Even simple tweaks, like getting a little more sleep each night or adjusting your nutrition, can make a significant difference in your energy levels. One of the best ways to investigate your options is to set up a specialty consultation to develop goals and create an individual plan for your needs. This will include a blood profile and lab testing to closely look at your vitamins, hormones, and metabolic system. With every step, we will keep your specific lifestyle in mind and slowly introduce concepts to help you live a more energized life.

IV Infusion

We recommend IV infusions to patients for a variety of reasons because they are a great way to jump-start a treatment plan. IVs are ideal because they work quickly and can overcome some of the limitations of oral supplements. Your IV treatment will be customized based on your particular needs and concerns. When energy loss is a symptom in patients, we might recommend therapies featuring Glutathione or B-12. Most infusions take around one hour, although your experience may differ based on your situation. If you are new to the world of IV infusions, take comfort in the fact that you will have a complete consultation with several opportunities to ask questions before yours takes place.

Pain management

If aches are keeping you up at night and disturbing your rest, a chiropractic treatment, therapeutic massage, or electric nerve stimulation can help you feel relief and get back to your normal sleep cycle. Insomnia is certainly no joke, and it’s effects can be quite frustrating. You might find relief through a basic readjustment, a few rounds of PENS, or a specialized combination to tackle your aches, but we will work tirelessly to find a solution that helps your situation.

It’s normal to feel tired, but when exhaustion starts to negatively impact your life, it’s time to seek support. Let us help.

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