Integrated Genetic Solutions

Integrated Genetic Solutions’  (IGS) system focuses on bringing a patient to a set of “target” levels, with multiple solutions and custom dosages that reflect specific deficiencies.

  • Do you feel you are experiencing the highest level of health
  • Sustained energy, libido, lean body,
  • Restorative sleep?

If not, a well-researched reason may be that nutrient, hormone deficiencies and imbalances and/or drug side effects can contribute to not feeling your best.

As an example; practitioners using Integrated Genetic Solutions have seen patient’s hormone levels improve without the actual prescription of bio-identical hormones. This has been achieved through the recommendation of key fat-soluble vitamins, in addition to micronutrients.

Instead of treating the symptom (low hormone levels), the IGS program attempts to solve the underlying cause of the imbalance taking into account your specific genetics and metabolism.

An IGS assessment can reveal these imbalances or medication warnings and provide your practitioner with the insights needed to plan the most certain and rapid solution towards optimizing/restoring your healthiest biochemical balance. 

IGS is the first personalized medical solution that combines genomic testing, serum/RBC testing and then analyzes and filters these findings through a sophisticated computer analysis program with the latest findings in research from the FDA, National Institute of Health, Mayo clinic and pharmaceutical databases and inserts. These findings are further matched to your gender, age, menstrual cycle and ethnicity.

Translating genetic individuality into practical recommendations that can optimize a patient’s nutritional and hormone requirements and safest drug selection can be complex at best and often proves confusing to physicians and patients. IGS’s unique approach both raises the standards of analysis while greatly streamlines clinical decision making for optimizing nutritional and pharmaceutical recommendations and safety.

This powerful system provides your clinician with the insight they need to most effectively balance your body chemistry in accordance with your unique genetic code. Through precisely supporting your body’s deficiencies and needs you can better reach your full genetic potential for help and be restored to a more youthful and rejuvenated self.

Usually, one reported problem equals one generic script. All of this is meant to be determined in one doctor visit lasting less than 6 minutes. This medical process is common but has a series of pitfalls:

  1. A Within Normal Limits (WNL) designation is an arbitrary number that covers two standard deviations of the published medication response and has little basis in an individual’s body chemistry.
  2. Single medications or solutions are proven failures for complex systems like the human body as evidenced by side effects.
  3. Standard dosages whether it be medication, vitamin, or herb do not take into account gender, age, genetics, or all of the components in a patient’s body chemistry.

Integrated Genetic Solutions’ system focuses on bringing a patient to a set of “target” levels, with multiple simultaneous solutions and custom dosages that reflect medication dependencies and specific deficiencies. Talk with us today about customizing your approach to health!

Personalized Nutrients

Afraid of taking too many products???? No need to worry with personalized nutrients there is no opening multiple supplements, we customize your recommended nutrients into your own consolidated nutritional protocol in one bottle. Not only does your personalized nutrients formula help you comply with less bottles and products per day, but it will also be more economical and specific based on your IGS customized target testing and your provider’s expert evaluation.