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Samantha Williams, LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist)

All of us are souls with bodies, use and nourish both

Hello Future Patient, my name is Samantha and I graduated from the National Holistic Institute in Studio City California in 2012 with a license in Massage Therapy and as a Health Advisor. I’ve been working with a Stephanie King, DC, RN  for 6+ years now and have become more and more fascinated with healing the body! Spreading the love is my goal and I figured this is a good place to start.

We all deserve to be nurtured, and to heal. Our bodies do so much to protect us physically, mentally and emotionally. It’s not only the actual massage that helps soothe the body from stresses, its the intention and trust we build together between therapist and client. With my deepest intention to help heal it creates a safe space for you to let down any guards, forget all insecurities to fully let go and accept that someone wants to wholeheartedly help you. I am a chronic pain sufferer myself due to a car accident and other past traumas that my body still holds onto. The key is to never stop trying to heal. It takes work, and it takes time, but I ensure to all of you that it is entirely worth it!

Samantha is an amazing talent and therapist here at Dedicated to Health and we encourage you to visit the Massage Therapy Page to see all the unique services that she provides. Most sessions are uniquely balanced for you as individual so you will always receive exactly what your body needs. Call to schedule your session today.


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