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  • Aug 27 2017

Anti-Aging & Skin CareThe more we do BOTOX® the more I understand people do not understand how it works and all the benefits of it’s use.  What many people do not realize is that BOTOX® usually does not leave any negative side effects. When people hear horror stories, they are usually about individuals who have had facial lifts that have gone wrong.BOTOX® relaxes muscles that over time we have overdeveloped and when we overdevelop facial muscles the create creases and lines that can become permanent over time causing us to age, look angry and have unwanted side effects like headaches, jaw pain and eye strain.  These overworked muscles even depress and close our eyes making them look smaller because these muscles actually hypertrophy and will make our eyes look like they are drooping. Softening these muscles is like getting a massage that reduces spasm and trigger points but over time with Botox your cause these muscles to no longer be overworked eliminating these lines and creases and opening your beautiful eyes. The vanity component is GREAT as I do this on my own face but the even better HEALTH component is freedom from pain of headache, jaw pain and eye strain as these muscles are no longer hypertrophied from being overworked staring at computers, iPhones and iPads all day so we reverse this process and create anti-aging YOUTH.

I LOVE IT–I feel great can read my computer without headaches

and HAVE NO WRINKLES, Says expert injector Stephanie King —

What a BONUS!..

BOTOX® is a safe and effective way for you to say goodbye to wrinkles and facial headache and eye strain. One thing that is definitely true about BOTOX® is that it relaxes your facial muscles. When you visit our clinic, you can feel confident knowing that our highly trained and experienced professionals will only inject certain muscles with the product. And only a small amount of the product will be injected. This means that you can say goodbye to your wrinkles, but you do not have to worry about not being able to make normal facial expressions. We can say this because we inject ourselves, use the product ourselves and know what works and how this feels.

Interestingly, even small children and teenagers have these types of wrinkles. They occur every time a child or teenager smiles, frowns or makes some other kind of expression. However, since children and teenagers have young skin, their skin bounces back to normal after they are done making a facial expression. As the years go by and as your skin changes, your wrinkles become deeply etched into your face. Your skin doesn’t bounce back like it used you. This is where BOTOX® can come in and help you have a much more youthful look.

BOTOX® has been approved by the FDA in order to be used for the treatment of wrinkles. This will give you confidence knowing that you are going to use a safe and effective product. Not only has it been used in the United States many years for this purpose, but it is also used in many other countries.

Schedule a consultation at Dedicated to Health to learn more about how you can say goodbye to your wrinkles with BOTOX® and how this can help you feel better too. Trust the professionals who treat themselves with their own product. Contact us today to book an appointment with our team of professionals.

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