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  • May 12 2017

In addition to maintaining your ideal weight after a successful diet, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, regular exercise helps you:


•  Prevent diabetes
•  Lower your blood pressure
•  Reduce your risk of heart attack, stroke and cancer
•  Fight depression and anxiety
•  Beat back pain from arthritis


A holistic weight-loss plan includes exercise to keep your mood elevated so that you don’t return to your old self-destructive ways. Regular exercise keeps the aches and pains away that in turn restrict your abilities (and motivation) to continue exercising. By not infusing your week with regular aerobic and strengthening workouts, you may find yourself in an endless cycle that always ends up with weight gain.


The best exercises in the gym are those that you enjoy and are willing to do on a regular basis. For your moderate aerobic fulfillment, consider a regular routine that increases your heart rate, but still allows you to maintain a conversation. You can attain a moderate aerobic level on:

•  The treadmill
•  A cycle
•  An elliptical machine
•  Rower
•  Track walking


Work with a personal trainer or use a heart-rate monitor and online tables to determine your optimum aerobic heart rate. Build in a warm-up and a cool-down period. Fulfill your weekly increased aerobic requirements by:
•  Picking up the pace by running or jogging
•  Pushing yourself harder on the bike, rower or elliptical
•  Jumping rope
•  Playing competitive sports like basketball or soccer

Talk with out Dedicated Team today about best methods for preventative care and health promotion for your busy life today.

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