Anti-Aging Cosmetic Procedures with Juvederm

  • Jul 9 2017

Juvederm® can be used to refresh and enhance your appearance naturally without surgery.

It can help you feel more satisfied with your appearance in a subtle or dramatic way depending on how little or how much you would like to change. It is a dermal filler that is gently injected into targeted  areas in order to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles and lift the face and fill indentations.

There are a number of dermal filler options that are available under the Juvederm® name. Each one is specifically designed to correct a particular area based on it’s molecular technology. For example, some  are designed in order to help individuals who are dealing with thinning, aging lips while others help with lifting and adding support. The product can be injected into the lips in order to plump them up and help the person feel more satisfied with their appearance.  Other types are  specially designed to treat large areas of the face focussing on a worn-out, tired appearance.

Juvederm® is popular because it WORKS AND IT’S INSTANT. You watch the results as we do the injections so you decide WITH US how much you want and what you like.

 It does not just add volume to a particular area of your face or body; it delivers long-lasting benefits. Juvederm® products are based on hyaluronic acid. This substance is extremely important if you want to have hydrated, young-looking, and fresh skin. This is something that you have in your body naturally, but you have more of an abundance of it when you are in your younger years. As you start to lose hyaluronic acid in your skin as you get older, your skin looks dry, wrinkled, and tired. When that volume is replaced and you have more hyaluronic acid in your lips, face, and in other parts of your body, your skin looks rejuvenated.

While you may definitely be interested in the benefits that you can get with Juvederm®, you may feel a little bit nervous thinking about experiencing a lot of discomfort during the treatment session. We understand that many of our clients are concerned about this. Because this filler has lidocaine mixed in there is very little discomfort and many clients report no discomfort at all during the process.

The great thing about using Juvederm® is that you get immediate results. You walk in with sunken cheeks, thin lips, or lines and wrinkles on your face. When you walk away from our clinic, you are going to look younger, and your skin is going to be in much better condition.

We encourage you to call for your free consultation and discuss what options would be best for you.

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