Stephanie King, D.C., R.N., I.M.E.

Director of Services & Coordinator of Patient Care

Functional Medicine

Dr. Stephanie King, Chiropractor, Registered Nurse, Educator and Trainer brings 20 years of expertise in Functional Medicine & Nutrition with a special emphasis in Diet, Natural Hormone Balancing & Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures utilizing the most cutting edge methods.  She is familiar with both conventional and complementary therapies and has put together a unique protocol to help patients achieve their lifestyle goals with the most natural, safe methods possible.

Stephanie King helps patients who have faced the challenge of not only poor health but poor body image due to struggles in genetics, lifestyle and weight management. Stephanie King has spent 20 years of practice in developing techniques for patients who have failed other health promotion programs and has been researching her whole life due to her own personal struggles with weight and hormone imbalances. King’s passion for health and wellness and helping those who have given up is astounding. People that have failed other programs seek her out from across the country to join her programs and work in her clinic. She enjoys going to work each day hoping there is a new challenge waiting for her to solve. She even endearingly calls her group of patients the 10% because they are the ones that require extra attention, more time, and the TLC that she has in her heart to give because of her love for her family, which is really what her patients are to her. Whether it is health promotion, early disease prevention, weight management, hormone imbalances, or anti-aging, no matter what you’ve tried, you haven’t tried them ALL until you’ve worked with Stephanie King and her professional team who’s focus is balancing the body through a combination of conventional and natural methods!

When there is a doctor next door advertising the same services, WHY do people fly from other states to see Stephanie King and her team of professionals? Here’s why: When Stephanie was a child of 8 years, she was already reading every book in the house having to do with health and nutrition. Her desire to learn and improve health began because her younger sister was born with Cerebral Palsy. The medical doctors dismissed her Mom by saying, “there’s nothing we can do”. Knowing better and being from Germany, Stephanie’s mother knew that Europe was far ahead in natural medicine and its’ benefits. Being from a European background, Stephanie’s mom began to augment her knowledge with books, researching ways to help her daughter. Stephanie, wanting to help and participate as well, began to read all of this information that was “all over the house”.

In her teenage years, Stephanie was severely injured as the passenger in a car accident. With resulting severe migraines and neck pain and armed with her knowledge and upbringing, she sought a holistic approach for treatment of her injuries. She went to her first chiropractor and fell in love with the hands-on and natural approach of the field. It was then that she decided her path to a nutrition-based health and wellness practice would be complimented by Chiropractic.

Stephanie’s thirst and desire for knowledge has never stopped. She entered college while still in high school, reading every book she could get her hands on about the subjects that touched her life. She now continues that same drive into the internet age, mastering the online tools to bring the current technological advancements and newest research in the health and wellness fields to her patients. Her knowledge and experience is extensive; it started at age 8 with books, and continued at age 17 with knowledge taken from hands-on experience working in a chiropractic office.  Stephanie was already able to diagnoses cases and adjust patients before she even entered Chiropractic College. She completed her Registered Nurse License adding certifications in Advanced IV Vitamin Therapies, Cosmetic Procedures and a Natural Refreshed look to soften the affects of time. Stephanie continues her education, being inspired by her colleagues, Dr. Lisa and Dr. Kirstiema and is now adding the Nurse Practitioner degree to her her already dual license. While completing her Nurse Practitioner degree she serves as Director of Patient Care at Dedicated to Health and Trainer and Educator to nearly 50 clinics Nationally. She also continues her education and training by continuing to add cutting edge therapies her patients demand by recently receiving training certifications in several new cutting edge non-surgical cosmetic procedures to further help her patients reach their desired goals.

With all those years behind her and continued drive to learn she is the perfect combination of education, experience, and compassion. Her patients, who encompass celebrities, athletes, judges, doctors, and people from all walks of life, say on a daily basis, “I know Stephanie will have the answer,” and she does! Our team of providers work together and collaborate to care for you seeking the best plan to help you reach your health care goals. During our phone consultations, Stephanie will speak with you and listen to your case and choose the best team member to work with you and start you on the process to success in feeling amazing again. Once in our hands we have unlimited email support and continue to collaborate as a team and all work together so you are never alone.