True Alternative to Liposuction is ZERONA LASER as seen on Dr. OZ with Dr. Stephanie King in San Marino, California

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010, 7:26 pm

Experiencing excess fat in the body can have more than just an effect on one’s health, though that is certainly nothing to sneeze at. Being overweight can affect one’s whole way of life, decreasing confidence and hampering a social life. The reason why this is such a common problem for millions of people is that diet and exercise sometimes don’t even work to get rid of stubborn fat deposits, particularly if a person is female. There is now an alternative to lipo that is far safer, less scary, and less expensive that is sweeping the nation.

When diet and exercise are failing a person in their quest to lose weight and inches off of their bodies, many just give up rather than taking the traditional next step in fat removal, which used to be liposuction. This is a procedure that is intimidating to many people, requiring going under the knife in a surgeon’s office, being sedated, and having fat literally sucked out of the body after incisions are made. This can be frightening, which is why so many people have been seeking an alternative to lipo for quite some time now.

The first alternative to lipo came in the form of laser surgery. This doesn’t require any knives, at the very least. In this case, a high powered laser is applied to trouble spots where fat has deposited, typically the thighs, stomach, or buttocks. The laser cuts through the first layer of skin and burns away fat, typically melting it. This was an improvement on liposuction, but far from ideal as it has the possibility of leaving behind unsightly scars and can be a painful process to boot. What is the point in receiving plastic surgery to improve one’s physical appearance if there are scars that still make it embarrassing to go out and flaunt it on the beach?

Finally, the true alternative to lipo has arrived, which comes as a huge relief to all those people who have been seeking a solution to their stubborn fat that won’t budge despite dieting. Women are hardwired to hang onto fat, making stronger means necessary. A new high-powered laser known as the Zerona system has arrived, which rather than burning the fat simply liquefies it in the subcutaneous layer underneath the skin. The fat molecules are then gently and naturally excreted by the body. This is the best solution, because it is painless, doesn’t leave scars, and there is no need to go under the knife.

At Dr. King’s office we take this amazing Zerona Laser and combine it with our state of the art nutrition & hormone balancing computerized program so you can get the best of two worlds.  The latest advanced cosmetic Zerona Laser and our computerized program to key in to any metabolic and hormone issues to put you on the right track for nutrition and diet.  To find out more about our zerona program just go to

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