We are a dedicated group of female doctors that include Stephanie King DC, and Lisa Ma, MD. These two doctors have dedicated their lives to helping women overcome tremendous hurdles in their Nutritional, Hormonal, and Physical Health to achieve optimum health and wellness.  Dr. Stephanie King has recently relocated to East Pasadena on Colorado Blvd. from San Marino, to build her “ultimate dream practice,” a holistic-minded medical group for women. Dr. King surrounded herself with a holistic team of physicians  that combine natural healthcare with medicine to reach the patients' goals as naturally as desired.  

Dedicated to Health is maximizing your health and wellness by providing proven successful comprehensive therapies through a combination of Alternative & Integrative Medicine. Our providers provide you the answers you deserve, and a personalized treatment plan specific for your health-care goals. Our providers treat our patients like family. We develop your personalized plan and work with you every step of the way, monitoring your results to not only improve your symptoms, but improve the quality of your life and create optimum health through the most natural methods.

We offer a wide range of Integrative Holistic Health Care Services to bring you the total package in health and wellness all under one roof with our top Health Care Professionals.

Call for your free consultation and meet our team of professionals who will help you on your journey to wellness, anti-aging, and pain-free living.

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